Take Back Your Privacy and Control the Sunlight.

Add-On Blinds for Doors create a simple do-it-yourself solution that attaches easily to your existing door.

Control light and privacy

Easily raise, lower and tilt blinds to provide desired amounts of light and privacy.

Blinds enclosed between glass

Once installed, blinds are enclosed between two panes of glass—no dusting or maintenance required.

Easy installation

Designed to install over existing door frame. Perfect for entry, patio and side doors.

Certified safe for children

Product tested and certified safe for homes with children—no exposed cords.

ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors - Parents for Window Blinds Safety seal of approval ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors - Certified Best for Kids

Energy efficient

Add-On Blinds for Doors increase your home's energy efficiency and help block outside noise.

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